Friday, September 28, 2007

Mudsuck Grill

There's a new sports bar/family restaurant in Noblesville, called Mudsock Grill. You can gather from the title of this post what I thought about it. Lured in by an article in the star and an online coupon for free cake (yes, I'm a sucker for chocolate cake, especially when it's preceded by the word "free"), I took my wife and youngest daughter.

Ninety minutes (seemed much longer) and $60 later, we left the place with no intention of ever going back. From the goofy restaurant logo to the safety-hazard "fire pits" (they were basically gas fireplaces in the open, fake logs and all) to the tough-as-rawhide steak, I was majorly disappointed. Maybe the horse that graced the menu was also gracing my plate.

Tracy had an okay appetizer fit for a party of eight. Makenna had Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (it was $4). No lie. The menu actually said Kraft Mac & Cheese...not even the Deluxe kind. Add two adult beverages, and our bill was $49. Did I mention that we only bought ONE entree?

Now, to the service, or lack thereof...the only thing served quickly were our drinks. My guess is that they were trying to get us liquored up, so we wouldn't notice the bad food or slow service. We sat for more than 15 minutes before they even took our order. Then, after suffering through the meal, paying and leaving a sizeable gratuity, we had to wait for the "free" cake, which we took in a to-go bag.

It was not worth the wait or the weighty check. I'm not even going to link you to their website or the stupid IndyStar article that promoted it. Do yourself a favor and go to Applebee's for the Bourbon St. Steak.

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