Friday, September 28, 2007

Indiana Autumn

With the onset of fall-like weather, I am reminded afresh of why I missed Indiana so. It is more than just the colors that come with the fall foliage. It is the brisk morning air hinting at the change of seasons, the colorful sunsets, hayrides, fall festivals and bonfires.

Yesterday, I enjoyed an exhilarating, solo bike ride at sunset…and what a magnificent sunset it was! In my shorts and t-shirt, I set off for a quick circuit around our neighborhood and enjoyed the cool breeze as I got my heart rate up peddling in 14th gear. When I rounded the next to last corner on my final lap, I saw a brilliantly orange moon peak above the roofline of my neighborhood. It was a picture perfect night.

This morning, on my way to work, I watched the sunrise in the rearview mirror of my truck. A thin ribbon of clouds hanging high over Castleton were turning a Raspberry color in the first light of sun. The air was brisk. I wondered if fall was truly here, considering last week’s 90-degree days.

The landscapers were busy mowing the grass at the dealership. When I took an early walk over to our used car lot, I was met with the most pleasant smell of summer—fresh cut grass. That’s a smell that I won’t get to enjoy in a few more weeks. It will soon be replaced by the smell of wood burning fireplaces and the pungent aroma of dead leaves burning in backyards.

These hints of the new season at-hand are novel to me once again. We usually had a week or two of fall-like weather in Tallahassee. Beyond November, the weather there waffled between winter and fall for a few months, then came the return of blanket-like humidity and scorching heat. I missed Indiana for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was my extended family, but Indiana Autumns are hard to beat

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