Thursday, October 15, 2009

Echoes From Auschwitz

Before the door to the cramped, foul-smelling cattle car was opened, Eva remembers her father saying his morning prayers. She also recalls her anger. “As I watched my father and the other people in our car praying to God, a strange feeling of anger swept over me. It was an anger that I had experienced…when we had been called ‘Dirty Jews’…[and] that day when the Hungarian gendarmes were taking us away to the ghetto and no one spoke up or tried to help us, not even my friend Luci.” The feeling of anger was soon replaced by anxiety and despair as Eva and her twin sister were separated from their family, never to see them again. Read more...

Eva & Miriam Mozes in Rumania

Eva Kor IDs herself in famous liberation picture

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Chris said...

See Linda Jones' blog for a video clip of Eva on 20/20 back in May 2008