Friday, October 30, 2009

Dwight Freeney: "Deal with it."

"The most intimidating player" in the words of New England Patriot's QB Tom Brady is our very own Dwight Freeney. Now whether you agree with that assessment or not, you have to admit the Colts' DE is lightning fast, quick to the QB and an impressive, ballhawking pass rusher. He has sacked the quarterback in seven consecutive games dating back to last season, bringing his career total to 77.5, according the IndyStar.

In today's "Colts Weekend" section of the IndyStar, Phil Richards states emphatically, "Mayhem is [Freeney's] mission. Deal with it." Well said, Mr. Richards. And deal with it the Patriots, Chargers and Broncos must or the Colts are going to blaze their way to another Superbowl championship. I, for one, think Freeney needs another ring on his meaty paw.

While Freeney has been a constant on an oft-maligned defense, I have to say that I'm very impressed with the improvements the Colts have made on that side of the ball. Thanks to a new scheme, new attitude and better coaching, the Colts have improved from one of the worst defenses in the NFL to one of the toughest. The team is currently 2nd in scoring defense, allowing opponents only 12.8 points per game. They've improved their run defense, sitting near the middle of the pack instead of dead last, and their pass defense ranks 6th.
None of that can be attributed to Safety Bob Sanders, seeing as how he only returned to play last Sunday. Nothing against Sanders, I just believe the change in coaching philosophy has helped more than anything else. Kudos to Larry Coyer and his defensive coaching staff!
Freeney is #5 among the sackmasters of the NFL this season, 3 sacks behind league leader Elvis Dumervil of Denver, and he's ready for more. Freeney says, "I eat, sleep, drink getting after the quarterback. I dream about them and have flashbacks in the middle of eating breakfast." Here's to hoping he gets after Alex Smith of the 49ers this Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Way to hang on yesterday for the V-I-C-T-O-R-Y over the 49ers!!! Let's make next week 8-0!!! GO COLTS!!!

Chris said...

go dwight!!! eight straight games with a sack!

Anonymous said...

The COLTS barely pulled this victory off!!! Let's see if we can make it 9-0 on sunday against the Patriots!!

Anonymous said...

What a WIN last night for Peyton and the boys!!! Way to stop the Pats!!! Can we make it 10-0??