Monday, October 05, 2009

Colts Assessment - Week 4

After dismantling Seattle 34-17 in Week 4, the Colts are leading the NFL in a couple of offensive categories. And while the defense is middle of the pack (#13 overall), they are holding their own. I have to say that I am happy with the improvement on defense under new coordinator Larry Coyer (formerly of Denver). I only expect them to improve as they learn his system and after they welcome Bob Sanders to the active roster. Here's where Indy ranks 4th or better as of now:

#1Passing Yards/Game (330.2)*
#1Total Offense, including Yards/Game (414.2) Yards/Play (7.1)
#3Offensive Touchdowns (13) and Points/Game (26.5)
#3Team Sacks (12)**
#3Scoring Defense, TDs Allowed (6)
#4Scoring Defense, PPG Allowed (15.5)

* Peyton leads with 1336 yds & Reggie Wayne is second in receiving with 399 yds
** Freeney & Mathis tied for 3rd with five (5) each.


Did anyone else notice that the NFL had gone pink, yesterday? (And no, I don't mean Pink, the artist who sang the intro to NBC's Sunday Night Football last season.)

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Anonymous said...

Here is a shout-out from one COLTS fan to another!!! Let's make it 5-0 tonight...WOOT!!!