Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Whenever I hear the word trust now, I think of Greg Focker and his breech of “the circle of trust” in the movie Meet the Parents. If you think about it, we have a similar circle of trust with God...and thankfully he’s not like Jack Byrnes, the distrustful, undercover-CIA-agent father-in-law, either.

Sadly, I am a lot like Focker. Even though I know my Father can be trusted, I don’t always remain in “the circle” or in my case the safe confines of His promises.

That whole trust issue is playing out right now in my own life. God is telling me not to worry about the future even though my salary is only guaranteed for one more month. He’s telling me that He has my family’s best interest at heart and in hand.

Will I remain in the circle by trusting Him completely? Or will I make some boneheaded, Focker-like move and fock things up royally? To be continued…

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Glory said...

I don't believe I could have anticipated reading a blog with spiritual applications that also includes the word "focker." Way to go! Funny Christians rock.