Thursday, May 26, 2005

Can I Be Trusted?

During my morning walk, I prayed and offered myself to the Lord as a “right sacrifice.” I fully placed my trust in him. I know that he hears me and accepts my offering[1].

The psalmist encourages me to “Trust in the LORD with all [my] heart and lean not on [my] own understanding”[2]. So I told the Lord that I trust him as the head of my household and Father to my family. But the question remains, “Can I be trusted?”

I’ve betrayed my family’s trust before. Lacking humility, I became self-obsessed to the dangerous point of nearly taking my own life. To my wife that must have seemed like the ultimate betrayal yet she places her trust in me still.

Can I be trusted?

In times of hardship, I’ve often wanted to throw in the towel or look for the easiest way possible. Sometimes that meant disowning my problems and shirking responsibility. I’ve learned that the easiest way out is often the most costly and detrimental.

Still, in this time of uncertainty about my job, I find myself wondering if I can be trusted. Lord, help me to be trustworthy like you. Keep my feet and my faith firmly planted in you. Let my roots run deep so that I never again get swept away by the tide of selfishness. Keep me humble…always serving.

[1] Psalms 4:3,5
[2] Proverbs 3:5

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