Monday, May 16, 2005

Spiritual Fix Sunday

Too much life going on to post to my blog, lately.

I'll share briefly my first experience in a traditional church setting since Easter. I played drums at a local Pentacostal church on Sunday as a favor to a good friend of mine. It was interesting. Since I come out of that tradition myself, I totally get the formulaic approach to "moving in the Spirit."

I have to say that I honestly checked out mentally for half of the service, when I wasn't on stage. I listened to much of the pastor's sermon, but only really heard a small portion of it. The one think he said that I was able to relate to was something about relationship. The rest of it was standard fare about how "the devil may knock me down, but he won't keep me down" and how Jesus is gonna make a way, etc., etc.

This experience helped me to see how far I've strayed from the me-centric thinking of the modern church. It confirmed that there's really nothing in the formulaic approach to church that appeals to me anymore. I guess I just don't see the need in returning for a weekly "holy ghost" fix that doesn't really make a significant impact on my life or in my environment.

Did I really benefit from the hours I sat in a church building yesterday? Could I have spent that time more productively?

And what of that church building itself? On the one day it is most useful to anyone, it sat largely empty through two "worship services." Could that property not be used for a higher purpose than to provide a cavernous, air-conditioned place to worship for a handful of people?

The Spirit of God certainly doesn't need a building, a formula or a bunch of programs in which to move. He needs authentic people. He needs the Church. If we aren't about the Father's business outside of Sunday-go-t0-meetin' time, then what earthly good are we? If the Spirit isn't moving in our daily lives, then why do we expect some supernatural movement on Sunday? The Spirit doesn't want to move on a bunch of spiritual junkies. He wants authentic people who are about doing the Word daily, and not just hearing it on Sunday.

That's all for now...thanks for listening.


Darla said...

My first comment on Blog World! :) I just had a conversation with a friend of mine about what it means to "flow in the Spirit." He is of the Pentacostal persuasion, so that was his terminology. Anyway, his idea is worshipping in a building for four hours. My idea was actually getting out and helping others or showing God's love in a practical way. I told him how when I help people, I feel like I'm "flowing in the Spirit." I was just reading in Genesis today about God and what He is "like." Some words I came upon were, 1:1, God CREATED; 1:29, God said, I GIVE you; 2:3, God RESTED; 2:7, God FORMED; 2:8, God PLANTED; 2:9, God MADE. And of course the ever famous verse, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.

I feel most "like" his image when I am doing the above mentioned things: Creating, giving, resting, forming, planting, and making. The IC's I've been "involved" with haven't necessarily been too interested in any of those things.... especially resting, since they expect you to be there every time the doors are open.

Was interested in how you feel the Spirit moving in your daily life? I know for me, I have never felt closer to God than I do when I'm riding by those church buildings on Sunday with the windows rolled down, breeze blowing in my face, smelling the grass, feeling the sun on my face, and thanking God that I'm not sitting in a building singing, "Fire in the House."


nolesrock said...

that's good stuff on the creating, planting, may just be onto something...or ON something...what are you smokin' anyway? welcome to "blog world" :)

Jake said...

I just seen this. I would like to say that I also like the creating and giving and resting and planting thing. Ofcoarse I agree with that . I just want to say that I think you got the whole thing mixed up. You said this
" I guess I just don't see the need in returning for a weekly "holy ghost" fix that doesn't really make a significant impact on my life or in my environment."
I am afraid you have it all backwards. Going to church is not about you . It is not there to make you feel good about yourself. It is to get together with other believers. And honestly and truthfully Worship Our heavenly God With our hearts and souls.
It is also there to do gods work. When other weaker christians need help we are there to encourage eachother to keep faith in god. I believe this anyway.