Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never Again - The Jewish Holocaust

One can scarcely believe that something as atrocious as the WWII Holocaust ever occurred, but even more inconceivable are the claims of so many that it never really happened; that it was merely pro-Jewish propaganda funded, produced and distributed by Hollywood moguls. The purpose of this blog entry is to perpetuate the truth of the mass murder and near extinction of European Jewry, so that we can reverberate the oft-repeated refrain, “NEVER AGAIN!”

I have no doubt that the Jewish Holocaust happened, yet even still I cannot fathom—nor begin to wrap my mind around—the brutality and terrorism exhibited by the Third Reich during WWII. As evidence, I point to the many testimonies I’ve read and witnessed either firsthand or as documented on film. I have touched a living Auschwitz survivor and listened as she recounted her harrowing story.

Personal Stories
I have been thoroughly gripped by these accounts for the last year or so and was recently reminded when I read of the homeless Holocaust survivor who died in New York. Suffice to say that I am moved deeply by every story that I hear. Stories of survivors like Eva Kor, my new hero, and Szmulek Rosental (aka Steve Ross) cause me to reevaluate my own priorities and my appreciation for life and personal liberty.

I’ve blogged before about Eva, but I only learned Mr. Rosental’s story while watching Bearing Witness: American Soldiers and the Holocaust. This short documentary meant to be used as a tool to educate young people is very well done and provides thought-provoking questions in the accompanying discussion guide. It is one of the best documentaries on the subject I have seen, considering it is time-condensed for teaching purposes. I think this video paired with a presentation by Eva would be ideal for a seventh grade class (anyone know any junior high teachers or admins?). It’s important that we educate the next generation to ensure that truly and forevermore, “Never again!” Watch a clip of the intro to this video documentary, below:

Why We Watched?
Educated as I have become on the subject, I have yet to figure out how the Nazi death camps were kept secret for so long, why well-meaning Europeans kept silent or why the Allies turned a blind eye when they had ample evidence. The former I can understand because of all the Nazi propaganda, the terror they spread and the fear of individuals speaking out. The latter, namely willful ignorance on the part of the United States, I have been unable to come to terms with even after reading a lengthy book on the subject, titled Why We Watched .

I find myself intrigued, fascinated, repulsed and feeling a bit guilty, but I cannot let the memory of what happened die with those who survived and those helped put an end to the Holocaust.
Streaming Video of Bearing Witness:

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Chris said...

this post was the beginning of the formulation of my newest blog Never Again! over at wordpress...it contains eva's story and LOTS of Holocaust-related material, a great resource if you're interested in further study