Monday, August 31, 2009

70th Anniversary of World War II

Since the United States didn't officially enter WWII until after Pearl Harbor in late 1941, most of our newspapers won't bother to commemorate the official start of the war. Nonetheless, many European media outlets are talking about Hitlers invasion of Poland, September 1, 1939. Tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary, so here are some interesting articles and blogs for your consideration...


Lodz, Poland remembers murdered Jews

Europe Commemorates WWII

AP story describes start of war

Poland's Jews commemorate WWII

Yad Vashem marks 70th Anniv. of WWII

Detroit's Polish-Americans remember WWII

NY Times Op-Ed "When Thief Stole From Thief"

Polish survivor of WWII in Maryland

Poland Remembers WWII


Sand drawing reflections of WWII --VERY COOL!

Pro-Jewish blog in France

What started the war?

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