Monday, November 19, 2007

Conquering Caffeine

Almost 18 months ago I blogged about kicking the caffeine habit in a post titled Making Java History. While I'm not totally caffeine-free today, I am proud to report that my morning ritual now consists of 1-2 cups of half-caff coffee.

Yay me!

Now, I never was a Starbucks junkie or a member of some java cult, but I was addicted to my full-strength, morning cup o' joe. I even ventured into chickory for awhile (it's like the crack additive to coffee, dealt down in the bayou). When I drank more than a cup, I usually perspired more and sometimes felt jittery. When I missed it completely, I would get a headache. But the withdrawals were very minor.

There are some days when I forgo the coffee altogether, opting for a more health-conscious alternative, like bottled water. Those days are 50-50 on whether I make it all day without a cup of coffee, but if I falter, I always go half-decaf. Rarely ever do I drink a soft drink with caffeine, opting most often for Sprite and sometimes root beer when nothing else is available.

I post this for caffeine addicts everywhere who think its impossible to quit. If I could go cold turkey over a year ago, you can do it too.

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