Wednesday, November 19, 2014


As you may already know, my mother is dying of cancer.  By the time it was detected this past May, it was already in three areas of her body and she decided to forego treatment. My sister had a premonition a short time later that Mom would NOT be around for the Christmas holiday. About that same time, my daughter’s told me they really wanted to go to “Grammy’s” for Thanksgiving. I told them that come hell or high water, I’d make that happen for them.

With Thanksgiving now just a week away, my needing time off work to travel, the car needing brakes, an oil change and gas, I’m left to the goodwill of my brothers and sisters to make this trip happen for me and my daughters. Also, the cold weather this week has caused my place of employment to close for two days, cutting my weekly pay in half.

If you can help in any way—monetarily, with a gas card, offering to replace brake pads or provide an oil change—it would be greatly appreciated and we would certainly pay it forward. I can send you a request through PayPal if you will contact me Thank you.

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