Monday, March 24, 2014

No, thanks, I got this eHarmony!

I'm not looking to get married ever again. I came to that conclusion more than a year ago, the ink not even dry on my divorce judgment. Fresh out of a year-long relationship, I don't even want to date anyone!

So you might be asking yourself what I'm doing blogging about the online dating service, eHarmony. Well, I signed up last month for something to do and mostly out of curiosity. I didn't pay a subscription fee, I just created a well-rounded profile, uploaded a couple of pics and waited for the matches to roll in. And at first they did.

You see, anyone can put up an eHarmony profile for free. You can even upload pictures and bare your soul for the world to see. However, if you don't pay for their "expertise" you don't get to shop around too much, especially if you're a window browser like me. No, this site is only for the very serious--or desperate--depending upon how you look at it.

The first couple of weeks, I was receiving around 3 matches daily. This was apparently meant to whet my appetite. The entire time, eHarmony's been badgering me to pay to join their millions of subscribers. They don't know just how broke I am or how little I'm looking for a forever mate.

Suddenly, I stopped receiving matches. I get daily e-mails, mind you, but not matches. They've offered me free communication weekends--I'm already communicating for free, so that was bogus--free dating advice and discounts on membership. But really all their website amounts to is a huge marketing tool. And it was rated as one of the five worst websites by Time Magazine.

I don't pay for their help, so I don't even get to see profile pics of the other users. You know, because that would be superficial and shallow...not meeting their standards of compatibility. Since when is physical attraction not a key component of compatibility? Rather, I think the whole point is that they want to hold member's profiles hostage in order to make more money. And that's what this website is about. They don't care if you find a perfect match. All they care is that you keep looking...for as long as possible!

I'm really not looking...nor interested in dating at this point. I just wanted to see what eHarmony is about. It's about making money, plain and simple.

When I am ready, I'll try my luck on Facebook before I lay out cash for some website's help. At least I can see who I'm talking to...and make up my own questions for conversation starters. Follow Time's advice and steer clear of this money-grabbing website.

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