Friday, December 10, 2010

In a word...WECKL!

No matter how hard I look, I cannot find anyone more precise, yet more fluid on the drumkit than Dave Weckl. I LOVE this guy's drumming!

Had I discovered Weckl earlier in life, I would be able to say he is the undisputed number one in my book. As it is, I grew up idolizing Neil Peart, so Dave is like number 1-B...but I think even Neil would bow to Weckl's percussive prowess. In fact, he basically does on the Burning for Buddy Tribute DVD. Still, Neil is tops. And if I had to categorize my faves, I'd put him at the top of my rock drummers list and Dave at the top of jazz/fusion drummers. For more on my favorite drummers, see this blog post from April 2009.

Hope you enjoy the short clip, above, of Dave showing off his chops!

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