Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Things I've Learned About the Colts This Season

1. Peyton Manning is NOT Superman.

His kryptonite in college came in the form of the Florida defense. In the NFL, Belichick and Turner are his two-headed evil them the Luthor twins.

2. The defense will NEVER be able to stop the run.

3. Ryan Diem is ALWAYS good for about 10 yards in false start penalties.

4. Jim Irsay has crippled his franchise by continuing to make emotional, rather than heady, decisions... promoting an enigmatic, uninspiring coach from within; sticking
with Sanders through a litany of season-ending injuries; and promising the moon
to Manning in the early twilight of his career.

5. The roster is NOT very deep.
But as they say in Monty Python's "The Life of Brian," always look on the bri-i-ight si-ide of life...

My collegiate and high school alma maters played superbly over the weekend!

The Seminoles trounced the hated, archrival Gators and will play for another ACC Championship.

Chatard's football team won it's 10th state championship...way to go Trojans!!!


Anonymous said...

Ryan Diem drives me crazy as does Bob Sanders endless injuries.

Anonymous said...

"Stars flicker in the distance, lonely out in space.
They sing out when we're not listening, because we don't see their face.
We can let them die, we can make them high.
Hold the little miracles that live inside.
Let them shine."