Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday is a black mark on an otherwise festive holiday season

reality time. watching the news tonight reminded me how much i despise what christmas has become in the western world (specifically america!)...the crowds, the spectacle, the's enough to make me in the world did christmas turn into "black friday"???

maybe the above video by "the advent conspiracy" will stir a couple of people from their spending stupor!

/end annual rant

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Ari said...

Hello Chris,

Remember when it really was about "peace on earth and good will towards everyone?" How (and when) did we lose that?

When I was a kid living in New York my dad would take us to Rockefeller Center on Christmas eve. The night felt magical. A soft snow would descend from Heaven and it felt like the world was at peace.

Sorry, this old man is feeling sentimental.

Good tidings and merry Christmas,