Thursday, March 19, 2009

Basketball Fever on Quarterback Lane

Yes, it's March Madness at the Doyle household as our beloved Florida State Seminoles take to the hardwood to dance the sacred dance. It has been a long time coming. Thank you, Leonard Hamilton!
Not since the days of Charlie Ward, Bob Sura and a freakish looking point guard named Cassell have I been this optimistic about FSU Basketball in the postseason. And I am not surprised by the five seed, considering the Noles strength of schedule and their 2nd place finish in basketball's premier conference.
Here are the main reasons why I believe you'll see the Garnet & Gold (and maybe black...LOVE the new black uni's!!!!) in the Sweet Sixteen.
The Seminoles play in the basketball-rich, tobacco-stained Atlantic Coast Conference...that's the ACC for those of you acronym junkies. On their way to facing Duke in the conference championship, they went 10-6 and knocked off the (then) #1 team in the country, North Carolina. In addition, they played 10 tournament teams, beating six of them at least once...and oh, by the way, one of those was Carolina...did I mention that already? They faced #1-seeded Pittsburgh and fought valiantly, losing by only 8 points. Could this be their Sweet 16 dancing partner? I think it could.
If turnovers and poor clock management don't kill their momentum, I foresee the Seminoles sweeping past Wisconsin tomorrow night, stifling Xavier with hands-in-your-face defense and finding Pitt waiting for them on March 26th. We'll see. For now, I'm just happy they finally made it back to the Big Dance. Now, I'm gonna kick back, eat some fried food, drink some Corona and become one with my recliner.


Chris said...

Kudos to Sue Semrau and the Lady Noles for making the Women's tournament, too!!!! article:

Chris said...

also...President Obama's East bracket looks alot like my own, including Pitt v. FSU!