Friday, November 21, 2008

Love--Life's Most Precious Gift

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.The Bible (New Living Translation)

As I contemplate the meaning of the holiday season that is before us, I am reminded that life’s greatest and most precious gift is love. My two beautiful girls—aged 7 and 4—are a daily reminder of that gift. They love their daddy with the kind of zeal and affection that I can only describe as god-like.

It is unconditional.

Love that would set aside one’s own personal wellbeing for the benefit of another is the greatest of all. That is the gift we celebrate every year at this time. It compels us toward selfless acts of charity and benevolence. Love drives us to seek out special reminders that tell our loved ones we care in the form of gifts, cards and visits. It is divine oil that eternally fuels our faith and hope.

As jaded and cynical as I have become over 40 years and three months on planet Earth, I cling to hope. And this time of year usually rekindles that hope because I am reminded of the reason we are alive—to love one another. I am thankful that this year the message of hope is still alive.

I know that the message of hope is alive when I see:

These are but a few shining examples of how hope is alive and well in Indiana and around the world. My hope this holiday season is that your life would be transformed by love, life’s most precious gift.

Happy Holiday!


Anonymous said...

"Happy Holiday" to you as well. Love IS the most precious gift that was given to us; and is the most precious gift that we can give others. For me love is when I look at the smiles of my children, when I help a friend or a stranger in need, a kind word, a helping hand. These are but a few simple ways to express love. This was a very nice blog to read, thank you for reminding us about the power and beauty of LOVE.

Anonymous said...

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