Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Random Whining

(Disclaimer: Pay no attention to my last two posts on grace and humility…you’ll find little in this one.)

Okay, I know it’s the week before Christmas, but my Grinchiness is stirring! Here are my random gripes:

Gawkers & Squawkers
Gawkers (aka Rubberneckers) were already a constant danger on our roadways, now we also must deal with Squawkers…or those who insist on talking on their cell phones while they drive. Do they not realize that driving 60 mph on a crowded Interstate highway causes traffic jams of Biblical proportions???

Bumper Sticker Rage
I’m not one for cluttering my vehicle with stickers, but here’s one I’d like to make into a banner that unfurls from the rear spoiler of my SUV:


This would be directed at all Squawkers (see above rant).

Unintelligent Design
I saw a news story this morning on television about the fight in the Dover (PA) schools about Intelligent Design. A local proponent actually used the word “persecution” to describe what Christians in that town are suffering because of a recent court ruling. Now if that isn’t indicative of the problem with American Christianity, then I don’t know what is. A federal judge's ruling against the teaching of what amounts to religious theology in public schools is persecution? Who’s getting stoned or crucified in Dover, PA?

There, I feel better now.


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Christine said...

(I'm smiling)
I know what you mean about we American Christians not putting things into proportion~ I used to point out that the Coliseum in Cincinnati did not throw Christians to the lions for the crowd's entertainment, so we had little reason to talk about persecution.

But, *ahem*, I go 60 miles an hour- the speed limit's 55, darn it, and I have dependents!

mdwinn said...

Hey brother, thanks for just hanging in there this year with us as we have explored all over the place. I can't tell you how much your family has been a help to mine. May your family know His blessing this year.

anne said...

*cringe* (reading about "suffering" and "persecution" regarding the court ruling) No wonder we keep so many people from wanting to get to know who Christ is.