Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Are We Churchians?

After recently explaining to a pastor friend what I’ve been up to, he asked, “So where are you anchored in?” In church-speak he was basically asking, “Who do you submit to? Who are you under?”

I thought the answer was obvious. Scripture even calls Jesus our “anchor beyond the veil,” so why is it so important that I be “anchored in” to anything other than Jesus? Am I a Christian or a Churchian?

This article, shared with me by a good friend, sums up my feelings about church:


So I’m asking, “Are you a Churchian?”


kingsjoy said...

Hey Chris.

Darla and Seraphim both pointed me to this article as well.

It actually has convinced my wife and me to take some time off...to stop succumbing to this pressure we've put on ourselves to find a church. We are trusting that the Holy Spirit will lead us to the right place for fellowship in His time. Meanwhile, we will endeavor to practice being the church.

We have acknowledged that we are indeed addicted to church...we have found much of our self-worth, our identity in churchiness. We need some time off.

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gaston said...

As if leaving church was leaving God. We are the church.

The problem is that many people consider it more important to be a churchian than christian.

Love4theWord said...

Food for thought. Leaving Church (the I.C.) Doesn't have to mean leaving Christianity. In fact we know it doesn't mean that.

However, it is good to not be a Lone Ranger answerable to know one hear in the Shadowlands. Remember the word did say two things about this.

Know those who are over you. but also, confess your sins to one another...




nolesrock said...

Lone Rangerism is certainly dangerous and foolish because it runs contrary to the sense of community Jesus was trying to establish with his followers. No one should leave the institutional church (I.C.) without having some sort of outside fellowship...a small group, accountability group, close Christian friends, whatever.

Thanks for the comment, Seraphim. Have missed chatting with you on the Ooze.

Christine said...

Hi, nolesie!
Really liked when you said, "Am I a Christian or a Churchian?"
That's very good.